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Our blog is written by staff and very special guests. We share stories from our Collections, coverage of our film festivals, and take you behind the scenes at the Museum.

  • BIFF 2014 European and Shine Short Competition winners

    07 April 2014

    After suitably dutiful deliberations, our juries have delivered the verdicts on the 2 competitive sections at Bradford International Film Festival 2014. Continue reading

  • Will you be on our walls when Only in England opens here on Friday?

    25 March 2014

    A visitor to the exhibition spotted herself in a Tony Ray-Jones photo. So what will happen when Martin Parr’s Calder Valley work comes back to Yorkshire? Continue reading

  • Memories of BIFF part 3: BFI’s Amanda Nevill – “It was an audacious move.”

    28 March 2014

    Head of the Museum at the time of the very first BIFF, Amanda Nevill recounts the early years of the festival and what role it plays in the industry today. Continue reading

  • P is for The Pencil of Nature… a wonderful illustration of necromancy

    27 March 2014

    Talbot’s ‘picture book’ is a manifesto for photography, a polemic, an advertisement, a bid for posterity, a chronicle of the past and a vision of the future. Continue reading

  • Memories of BIFF part 2: John Hurt – “Wonderful that it’s the 20th BIFF”

    26 March 2014

    As he recalls his visit in 2010, Lifetime Achievement Awardee John Hurt reflects on Bradford’s cinematic heritage and the British voice in the film industry. Continue reading

  • This photograph of a spring scene is not quite what it seems

    24 March 2014

    Image manipulation has been around longer than you might think – the compositing and shading techniques employed here were the precursors of Photoshop. Continue reading

  • Looking for Light: Jane Bown, Calvary and Believe added to BIFF 2014

    21 March 2014

    Bradford International Film Festival co-director Tom Vincent announces three additions to the festival’s Official Selection. Tickets are on sale now. Continue reading

  • The last remaining Scophony TV receiver high speed scanner motor?

    21 March 2014

    Iain Baird reveals the technology behind our latest television collection acquisition, and explains why the Scophony television scanner is not to be scoffed at. Continue reading

  • Silent film pianist Neil Brand and the first great western at BIFF

    19 March 2014

    Ahead of the world premiere of Hell’s Hinges on 3 April, Neil Brand tells us about performing with the Dodge Brothers, and his love for the sound of cinema. Continue reading

  • The Daily Herald published the effects of economic depression in the 1930s

    17 March 2014

    While our politicians, papers and commentators fall on either side of the food bank debate, we look back at poverty and charitable welfare in the 1930s. Continue reading