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  • #Solved: The mystery identity of our social media starlet Christina

    12 June 2015

    A century on she caught the attention of social media and the world press but it’s not until now that we really know who Christina really was.

  • How the girl in red from a 1913 photo became a social media starlet

    20 May 2015

    More than a hundred years after they were taken, the National Media Museum’s pictures of a teenage girl hanging out on a beach at Lulworth Cove have taken Twitter and Instagram by storm.

  • Yarns from the Potteries and Cottonopolis: The Pararchive Project in the Daily Herald Archive

    27 March 2015

    Our latest post is written by Fiona Philip & Daniel Mutibwa of the University of Leeds who have spent the last year working on an innovative project to unlock the potential of our Daily Herald photographic archive. For the past year, we’ve been involved in an experiment with the National Media Museum, mining the rich […]

  • A little bit of history repeating – The ultimate animation collage

    04 February 2015

    Toni Booth takes a first look at the impressive archive of the master of the animation loop, Run Wrake.

  • BAF 2014 Winners – It’s not just what they do, it’s how they do it

    25 November 2014

    So that’s it folks, Bradford Animation Festival 2014 is now over and what a week it was! Here’s the complete run-down of all our award winning filmmakers.

  • Who leads the way for the modern, adventurous and intelligent female characters?

    17 November 2014

    This year’s BAF sees women in animation and gaming as a central theme. We delved into the research to find out if expectations had changed for modern female characters.

  • Neatly assembled for 2014 – Jamie Sefton on the gaming highlights in this year’s BAF

    27 October 2014

    Jamie Sefton looks ahead to the some of the gaming highlights for BAF 2014 including a very special talk from Colin Graham, Animation Director of best selling action-adventure game, Watch_Dogs.

  • Bradford Animation Festival 2014 tickets on sale now!

    17 September 2014

    The BAF 2014 programme has been released with tickets and passes on sale now. Have a look at some of the highlights we’ve got lined up for this year.

  • How big is the camera you’d need to film an ant?

    21 August 2014

    How big a camera would you need to film the smallest of insects? The answer may surprise you…

  • What do Scottish photographs look like: Part 2

    08 July 2014

    From X-Rays to Pagodas: Scottish photography isn’t (exclusively) tartan or covered in heather.