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Vinten Model E 35mm cine camera


Motion Picture Equipment

  • Vinten Model E 35mm cine camera
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    W Vinten

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  • Description:

    Vinten Model E 35mm cine camera, made in England, 1923-1926.

    The camera was used for the Biocolour two-colour process developed by Claude Friese-Greene, the cinematographer and son of William Friese-Greene. The camera is adapted from the Vinten Model C camera, originally designed by Bill Vinten in 1919. An all-metal construction it has a four-lens turret, built-in pan and tilt head with differential gear mechanism, 8:1 and 1:1 drive from the same crank handle by means of a gear change, and an immediate reverse direct gear drive to both external magazines. Vinten adapted the camera for the Friese-Greene process by changing its gearing and adding filters to the shutter.