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Paillard-Bolex B8 8mm cine camera


Motion Picture Equipment

  • Paillard-Bolex B8 8mm cine camera
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    Paillard-Bolex B8 8mm cine camera, made in the Switzerland in 1953.

    A 1953 brochure boasted that ‘With the PAILLARD BOLEX B8 cine camera, every film you shoot is a success’. The B8 takes double-run 8mm film; when a roll of film is run through the camera, half the width of film is exposed, the spool is then reversed and the other half is exposed. For processing the film is split and spliced together which results in double the amount for projection. The camera has a clockwork-driven motor that runs at 12, 16, 18, 24, 32, 48 and 64 frames per second: it can also be run a frame at a time.