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Lee and Turner Three-Colour Projector


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  • Lee and Turner Three-Colour Projector
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  • Creator:

    Turner, Edward Raymond (d. 1903); Urban, Charles (1867-1942); Darling, Alfred (1862-1931)

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  • Description:

    Three colour projector by Lee and Turner, England, 1901.

    In 1899 Edward R Turner (d. 1903), financed by F Marshall Lee, made the first attempt to invent a process of colour cinematography. Turner devised a camera that filmed consecutive frames through red, green and blue filters on 38mm film. The projector had a triple gate and lens that superimposed three frames simultaneously on the screen. As the film passed through the projector, a rotating filter wheel behind the lens ensured each frame was shown with its appropriate colour. The process, however, proved impractical.