National New Media Collection

The digital revolution has radically transformed the ways in which media is produced, delivered and consumed. During the 'Information Age', images, text, audio and video are exchanged as data, and it is the Museum's duty to record, understand and interpret the cultural impact of this evolution.

The National New Media Collection aims to preserve landmark objects and track the phenomenon of a global network which has forced changes upon traditional media since the development of the internet.

Video gaming plays a significant role in contemporary cultural life, and we are continually pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment. In close partnership with Nottingham Trent University, the National Media Museum has formed the National Videogame Archive.

The National New Media Collection is a growing archive and we are actively looking to expand this area of the Collection. If you have an object that you think would be suitable for the Collection, find out how to donate an object to the Museum.

Take a look at the galleries below to see a selection of items from the Collection. We're only able to display a small portion of our Collections online - if you'd like to see more, book one of our Collection Tours or find out how you can Visit the Collections.

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