National Photography Collection

The National Photography Collection is best regarded as a collection of collections, which comprises the Daily Herald Archive, the Royal Photographic Society Collection, and the Kodak Museum Collection, amongst other world-class objects and images.

The Collection incorporates both aesthetic and technical developments, from the earliest experiments to contemporary digital imaging, including the world's first negative, an extensive collection of photographic technology, and key images by the most influential photographers of our time.

Diversity is a key strength of the National Photography Collection, in which all major genres, applications and photographic movements are represented.

Take a look at the galleries below to see a selection of items from the Collection. We're only able to display a small portion of our Collections online - if you'd like to see more, book one of our Collection Tours or find out how you can Visit the Collections.

Please note: A portion of the National Photography Collection, including the RPS archive, will be moving to the V&A Museum in 2016. Click here for details.

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