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Ginx's Baby


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  • Ginx's Baby
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  • Creator:

    Rejlander, Oscar Gustav (1813-1875)

  • Date:


  • Description:

    A polychrome drawing entitled ‘Ginx’s Baby’, taken by Oscar Gustav Rejlander in 1871.

    The photograph was one of a series taken for Charles Darwin’s (1809-1882) work ‘The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals’, 1872, a study into the origins of human expressions. After meeting Darwin in 1871, Rejlander became the main photographer for the project. ‘Ginx’s Baby’ was also commercially successful, and so Rejlander created versions on cartes de visite and cabinet cards. The title for the photograph was taken from a novel about an orphaned boy, by John Edward Jenkins (1838-1910).