20th Bradford International Film Festival

BIFF 2014 - 27 March-06 April

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Timecode: Hauntology 20 Years On

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The spectres of Marx. Why this plural? Would there be more than one 
of them?" (Jacques Derrida)

Hauntology 20 Years On is a one-day symposium organised to mark 20 years since the publication of Jacques Derrida's Spectres of Marx. Hauntology defies easy description but embodies the idea of the 'past inside the present' and the border between nostalgia and the enigmatic remoteness of real or constructed pasts. It’s closely connected with certain forms of cinema. The symposium will be accompanied by screenings of hauntological films. The keynote speaker will be cultural theorist Mark Fisher, editor of Capitalist Realism, the K-Punk blog and author of Ghosts of My Life, a forthcoming book on hauntology. Papers will explore Cinematic Hauntology, Sonic Hauntology, Hauntology Online Being and Non-being, Politics, Ideology and Hauntology and The Philosophy of Hauntology

TIMECODE is a seminar series in media. Run by the Communication Culture and Media research group in the Bradford Media School, School of Computing Informatics and Media (SCIM), this regular seminar series explores the increasingly important relationship between media, technology, culture and society.

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The history of film is haunted. The following hauntological films have been programmed to complement the above symposium.

Decasia (U)

Decasia (U)

An irreverent elegy to Walt Disney's animated musical Fantasia, Bill Morrison's mesmerizing Decasia is a beautiful dystopian ode to creation and decay.

Director:Bill Morrison
Length:67 mins

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Sans Soleil (15)

Sans Soleil (15)

A documentary freed up to explore a wealth of ideas, it's a cult film that's always worth exploring again.

Director:Chris Marker
Length:104 mins

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