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  • Widescreen Weekend

    Celebrating the best in widescreen cinema and new film technologies, Widescreen Weekend is a four-day festival packed with big, bold and wide cinema experiences. Glorious 70mm screenings, Cinerama restorations and great guests remind you why going to the cinema is so magical.

    Widescreen Weekend 2016 took place between 13–16 October 2016.

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  • Yorkshire Games Festival

    We’re bringing the big names in videogames to the National Media Museum for a brand new five-day event, the Yorkshire Games Festival. With workshops, big-screen demos, and keynote talks from games designers, writers and developers, this is a chance to get insight into the industry like never before!

    The first Yorkshire Games Festival took place between 9–13 November 2016.

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  • Festival Archive

    The National Media Museum has played host to a range of festivals celebrating the best cinema from around the world. Find out more about our past film festivals here.

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