20th Bradford International Film Festival

BIFF 2014 - 27 March-06 April

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Mumbai’s King (adv. 15)


Director:Manjeet Singh
Length:77 mins
Language:Hindi with subtitles
Cast:Rahul Bairagi, Dhanshree Jain, Arbaaz Khan, Salman Khan
Part of:Happy Birthday, Indian Cinema! | Premieres

Screening with:

+ Rain (adv. 12A)

A heartbreaking film that shows how vulnerable children can be when captured in difficult, and very adult, situations.

This pungently atmospheric debut from writer-director Manjeet Singh shows us the backwaters and hidden crannies of India's biggest city - home to its world-famous film-industry. But we're a world away from big-budget Bollywood here - a vivid reminder of current Indian cinema's thrilling eclecticism. A kind of Slumdog Millionaire without the "Millionaire" stuff, it's the story of teenager Rahul (Rahul Bairaji), who flees an abusive home-life to spend most of his waking hours ducking and diving on the rain-soaked streets with his pals. Set during a carnival marking the feast-days of Hindu god Ganesh, Mumbai's King offers an unsentimental native's view both of the metropolis and a generous handful of its 20 million citizens. "Indian cinema can celebrate a new voice" (Variety).

Film Source: All Rights Entertainment