20th Bradford International Film Festival

BIFF 2014 - 27 March-06 April

In partnership with Virgin Media

Remnants (U)


Director:Grant Wakefield
Length:36 mins
Format:2K Digital flat screen
Part of:Premieres | Widescreen Weekend 2013

In one of the longest cultural developments in history, from 3800 to 1000 BC the Neolithic peoples of Northern Europe constructed thousands of complex stone monuments. Their reasons for doing so remain largely a mystery to this day.

Utilising highly stylized, motion controlled timelapse photography, Remnants captures the essence and austere beauty of their amazing 'Megalithic' constructions, suggests and reveals their purposes, and poses a question to our current culture. History has proven repeatedly that no civilisation can last indefinitely. Will we share the same fate?

Shot in 4K resolution over the course of four years throughout the UK and Ireland, Remnants is set only to an original score by Thorsten Quaeschning (of Tangerine Dream and Picture Palace Music) and presented in a pristine 2K widescreen digital print.

The film will be introduced by the director, Grant Wakefield.

Film Source: Arts Alliance Media / Alex Hibbitt