20th Bradford International Film Festival

BIFF 2014 - 27 March-06 April

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The Sound of Old Rooms (adv. PG)


Director:Sandeep Ray
Length:72 mins
Language:Bengali with subtitles
Cast:Documentary with Sarthak Roychowdhury
Part of:Happy Birthday, Indian Cinema! | Premieres

Screening with:

+ Night Music (Adv. U)

This little film (originally painted on IMAX) attempts to capture the beauty of sadness, as the eyes have it when closed in meditation or sorrow. - S.B. Showing with The Sound of Old Rooms on Tuesday 16 April.

+ Resistente (adv. U)

Don Alberto Bonnet is an elderly man who lives in a dilapidated house and seems to manage to be one with time, the plants, the insects, the walls of his own house. Showing with The Sound of Old Rooms on Tuesday 16 and Wedensday 17 April.

A moving documentary that charts three phases over 20 years in the life of Sarthak Roychowdhury, a struggling Kolkata poet. We begin with a 2011 birthday party: Amidst the restless mood of the family celebration we’re thrown back to Sarthak’s student years. As a young idealist and bon vivant he works hard to understand the social problems of his nation. Laced with down-at-heel humour (Sarthak reciting poetry to a passing dog) The Sound of Old Rooms is a remarkable document assembled by director Sandeep Ray’s two decades of up-close observation of his subject. We first see Sarthak when he is still in his teens, and conclude when he is nearly forty. In between the past is woven together from memories, dilemmas, and basic human fears, concerns and joys.

Film source: Ray Pictures