Classe Tous Risques [The Big Risk] (12A)

  • Certificate:

  • Dir:

    Claude Sautet

  • Year:


  • Country:


  • Language:


  • Length:

    108 mins

  • Cast:

    Lino Ventura, Sandra Milo, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Marcel Dalio

  • Format:

    b/w Digital

Rarely screened in recent years, this truly great crime movie gets a welcome re-release in British cinemas. Abel Davos plays a Parisian gangster who is hold up in Italy with the cops closing in on him. He and his pal commit a daring robbery before leaving Milan for France. But then there’s the matter of where to hide out and which of his former partners in crime to trust…As sharp and suspenseful a study of loyalty, betrayal and professionalism as the very best crime thrillers.



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