Irreversible (18)

Irreversible (18)
  • Certificate:

  • Dir:

    Gaspar Noé

  • Year:


  • Country:


  • Language:


  • Length:

    97 mins

  • Cast:

    Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Albert Dupontel, Jo Prestia

  • Format:


A rape revenge drama that is told in reverse chronological order. Containing one of the most notorious scenes in modern cinema, Irreversible presents a moral and structural situation in which time destroys everything.

Irreversible was passed uncut at an '18' certificate after the classifiers consulted with a psychiatrist, a decision that was taken by many to be a sign of attitudes to censorship having changed radically.

The British Board of Film Censorship was established 100 years ago this year. We focus on some famous and even infamous actions over the years with screenings of Love on the Dole (PG), Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (PG) and Irreversible, plus a 7-week Film Extra course looking at A Century of British Film Censorship.



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