Moving Stories: Children's Books from Page to Screen


Galleries One and Two: 12 July - 6 October 2013

Visit our special family exhibition this summer and we'll show you how the best-loved children's books are adapted to become our favourite films and television programmes.

Through the familiar stories of Snow White, Shrek, The Gruffalo, Fantastic Mr Fox, Cinderella and many more, you and your children will learn about the methods used by authors, illustrators and film and TV makers to create emotion and set the pace of the action.

Moving Stories is a place to play and learn for children aged 7 - 11. Together you can interact with our displays, and come face to face with famous film, TV and storybook characters along the way.

Touch to See books

Moving Stories now contains three Touch to See books for blind and partially sighted people. The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo’s Child and Cinderella were kindly donated by

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales section, Gallery 1

Fairy tales are so well known that writers and film-makers can mix them up to create new stories.

Explore the basics of a good story with Disney, Quentin Blake and Nick Sharratt, and have a go at putting together the pieces of a famous tale.

Worlds of Fantasy

Worlds of Fantasy section, Gallery 1

One person's creativity can inspire others with just a drop of imagination.

We'll reveal how Alice in Wonderland has been re-imagined over and over again, and you can see the ways in which films like Howl's Moving Castle and The Lost Thing can differ from the original books.

Journeys of Adventure

Journeys of Adventure section, Gallery 1

Tales of adventure keep us turning the pages or glued to the screen.

Understand how action and pace are created in books and films like Lost and Found and Peter Pan, and get up close to Hollywood gold with costumes from Martin Scorsese's Hugo.

Overcoming the Monster

Overcoming the Monster section, Gallery 2

Film and television makers often have to overcome the challenges of adapting children's books.

How do they make Fantastic Mr Fox look like a person? How do they create the Other World from Coraline? How do they portray heroes and monsters?

Friends and Family

Friends and Family section, Gallery 2

Be welcomed into the homes of Mr. Stink, Charlie and Lola and The Borrowers, where younger children can feel just like a Borrower.

Learn how writers and film and television makers dream up extraordinary worlds from very ordinary things.

Developed in partnership with Seven Stories, the National Centre for Children's Books.