Tom Wood: Photographs 1973–2013


Tom Wood was born in 1951 in County Mayo in the west of Ireland. He lived and worked on Merseyside between 1978 and 2003 before he moved to his current home in North Wales. Wood has published numerous books, including Looking for Love, All Zones Off Peak, Photieman and forthcoming, Men and Women. He has had solo and group exhibitions worldwide and his work is represented in the collections of major international museums. We recently acquired a significant body of work from Wood, much of which can be seen in this exhibition.

Cameras, Film and Printing

Throughout his career, Tom Wood has experimented with a variety of cameras, film types and printing papers. This has been at the heart of his practice, allowing for different interpretations of his subject matter and revealing new detail and depth in the finished photographs.

Partly due to cost, from time to time he has used old cine film and out of date film stock for his pictures. This lends a grainy quality to the film, most evident in the bus journeys work. However, his use of medium formats lends fine detail to the negative, allowing much more visual information to be revealed through the printing process.

Wood has also tirelessly experimented with printing papers to create the exact colour balances and textures he requires. For him, analogue rather than digital printing, and making his own prints in the darkroom, are important. He sees photographing, printing, selection and editing as inseparable parts of the process of photography.