Magic Factory

Level 4

The Magic Factory uses hands-on exhibits to demonstrate the scientific principles of light and colour, and help develop your understanding of the science behind photography, film and television. There are over 30 activities with accompanying notes should you wish to explore these topics further.

Colour and Reflection

Find the cackling witch as you enter the Magic Factory, and you will soon be exploring how light behaves. Laugh at your family and friends in our magic mirrors, learn about the different ways colours and images are presented, and discover what you really look like to other people.

Cameras and Lenses

Take a look across the city landscape of Bradford through a variety of lenses, including a pinhole camera, binoculars and a television camera. Send Morse code into space with a light that is powerful enough to pass through the Earth's atmosphere, and find out what kind of periscope gives you the best view.

Light and Prisms

Step into the darkened booth to see the results of our very own camera obscura. Experiment with light, mirrors and prisms and learn about the way light behaves when it passes through an object.

Heat, Speed and Shadows

Take the challenge and test your reflexes against the speed of light or use our special thermal camera to see how hot you are! We will help you trap your shadow, show you the effects of different coloured lights on an image, and what happens when you place particular objects under UV light.