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With nine floors of galleries to explore, three cinemas including Yorkshire's biggest IMAX screen, and a packed programme of events, you're sure to find something to inspire you.

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  • IMAX: Born to Be Wild 3D (U)

    Adventure into the rainforests of Borneo and across the rugged Kenyan savannah. This film documents orphaned animals and the extraordinary people who rescue them - saving endangered species one life at a time. 45 mins

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  • National Theatre Encore: Frankenstein (15)

    Another chance to see the National Theatre's sell-out production of Frankenstein directed by Danny Boyle.

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  • Fury (15)

    Set during the last months of WWII, when the Allies are making their final push into Germany, a battle-hardened sergeant commands a Sherman tank on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. 120 mins

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  • IMAX: Hubble 3D (U)

    A unique look at the Hubble Space Telescope's legacy, highlighting its profound impact on the way we view the universe and ourselves. 44 mins

    More about IMAX: Hubble 3D (U)

  • Jimi: All is By My Side (15)

    All Is By My Side offers a look at musician Jimi Hendrix not through a blow-by-blow account of his career highlights but, rather, a nuanced, intelligent portrait of an artist trying to find himself. 120 mins

    More about Jimi: All is By My Side (15)

  • IMAX: To the Arctic 3D (U)

    Take an extraordinary journey into the lives of a mother polar bear and her seven-month old cubs as they navigate the changing Arctic wilderness they call home. 40 mins

    More about IMAX: To the Arctic 3D (U)



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