What's On

With seven floors of galleries to explore, three cinemas including Yorkshire's biggest IMAX screen, and a packed programme of events, you're sure to find something to inspire you.

Use the tabs above or the calendar to the right to find out what's on and plan your visit.





  • Get Animated

    Be inspired by a range of animation techniques for you to try!
    Suitable for ages 5+

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  • Mini Movie Toys

    Bring still images to life and have a go at making your own optical toy to take home.
    Suitable for ages 5+

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  • Reel to Real

    What is a Media Museum anyway? Watch our live show, and get to know us a little better - audience participation is a must!
    20 mins | Suitable for ages 5+

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  • Optical Toy Talk

    Discover the history of animation in our live demo of optical toys, from the thaumatrope to our very own Lego Zoetrope.
    15 mins | Suitable for ages 5+

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  • Collection Tours

    Join one of our curators on a voyage of discovery, getting a behind the scenes glimpse at some of the treasures which are not on permanent display.
    45 mins | Suitable for ages 12+

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