Light and the Eye

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  • Curriculum Links:

    KS3: Science

  • Date:

    Subject to availability
  • Duration:

    60 mins
  • Location:

    Action Zone 2
  • Number in Group:

    Maximum 30 places
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    Booking essential – call 0844 856 3799 or book online now

Please note: this event will not be available to book after 17 February 2017.

In this hour-long workshop, students will be able to watch an eye dissection and discover how this amazing organ works and how it relates to the workings of a simple camera.

Students will also learn about ultraviolet light, and will have the opportunity to make their own UV torch and cyanotype to take back to school.

Please note: This session contains a live eye dissection demonstration using a sheep’s eye. When booking to attend this session, you must confirm you have read the statement below. If booking online, please check the box on the booking form to say you have read it.

Eye Dissection Statement

Further curriculum links

KS3 - Science, Light and the Eye

Pupils will work scientifically and develop their scientific language, knowledge and skills. Pupils will learn about:

  • Use of the ray model to explain imaging in mirrors, the pinhole camera, refraction of light and the action of lenses in focusing (eyes)
  • Light transferring energy from a source to an absorber, leading to chemical or electrical effects
  • Photosensitive material in the retina and cameras
  • Colours and different frequencies of light