Kodak Gallery

  • Curriculum Links:

    KS2-4, FE: History, Science

  • Time:

    Open daily 10:00–18:00
  • Location:

    Lower Ground Floor
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The Kodak Gallery tells the story of photography, from the earliest cameras to the digital photographs of today, and it can be useful for studying both changes in society and photographic technology.

The gallery is a good introduction to Victorian life and there are plenty of opportunities to find out about life since 1930. There are lots of Victorian cameras and photographs as well as cameras from the 20th century.

Consider the birth of photography and the development of the camera; understand the problems of early portrait photography and experience being a model in the Daylight Studio; explore how photography grew from a pastime of the rich to being available to all; appreciate the growing impact of the camera on our lives.

Insight: Collections and Research Centre

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Further Learning Opportunities and Resources

If you are planning a visit to the Kodak Gallery, you may be interested in these activities and resources to support your learning objectives.

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